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Your Experienced
Brand Management

Dedicated to the success of every client.

At Carol Hauta Sales and Marketing, we deliver superior and professional sales expertise in all aspects of sales and marketing.

Carol Hauta Sales & Marketing will treat all clients with respect and offer reliable, first class service at all times. Continually offering prompt and accountable responses to each of our clients’ needs while also identifying unique opportunities.

We Deliver:

  • 30+ years’ sales experience in Natural products, Body Care items and Consumer Goods
  • Expertise with manufacturers as well as distributors
  • Skills in managing key accounts and promoting a team environment
  • Commitment to building long-term, integrity-based relationships
  • Extensive experience in management, promotion, sales planning and execution
  • Top tier customer relations
  • Proactive product management, marketing and administration

“Translating Sales Into Improved Growth And Profit”

Pet products for those “Other” members of your family.

Ask us about the latest additions to our brand roster. We love animals and have listed an impressive variety of  Dog and Cat products that are sure to keep your customers buying for their pets.  We all want to keep our pets safe, healthy, happy, properly nourished, and don’t forget looking their best.


Contact Us To Have Your Pet Products Listed